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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday go to Meeting

Going to church on Sunday was always a part of life for many of those living in my family's past generations. To get away from the daily tasks of life, and feed the spirit and soul was generally thought a good thing. The whole family; dad, mom, children, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends would share time catching up with one another. [It was more common for the moms than the dads.] Coats and ties for the guys, hats and dresses for the gals, allowed for a general family clean-up and dress-up. The first picture shows such a gathering outside the home church at Nada. Lots of children of course, more women than men, and lots and lots of white dresses stage the picture. One little girl on the front row is looking down at the shoes of the fellow standing next to her..."wher'd you git those shoes"...she seems to be saying. It must have been one of those "hell", "fire", and "damnation" sermons for there does not seem to be a lot of happy faces. I would guess the preacher man is the one standing at the upper right, since it appears that he is holding the Bible. I roughly count about 100 souls this Sunday picture...a "Sunday go to Meeting".

This is a picture I took of that very church as it stood this past summer. Windows boarded up, locked, and falling apart, it looked mighty empty and alone standing there. All the folks in the first picture must be dead by now, or at least close to it. No coats, no ties, no hats, and no white dresses...only boarded windows and broken down steps. Where have the Sunday go to meeting days gone?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Perfect Attendance

Attending church was a regular part of the 1950s. Each family would dress up, dad in a suit, mom in a dress, and the young-uns did the best they could do. The south end of town was the cluster of churches that became the most active part of town on Sunday mornings. Even finding a place to park a car was difficult, especially if your church faced Main street like ours. It seemed that almost all the families in Winchester attended church. We were no exception.

Dad was the "song leader" (music director), and mom taught one of the children's Sunday School classes. Being the song leader was a key position in our church since there were no organs, pianos, keyboards, drums, guitars, or any sort of musical instruments. Ours was a Church of Christ which did not believe in instrumental music. You sang from the heart using your voice only. Acapella it was called. Getting this started on the right key was a real task.

My perfect attendance pin is shown. Nine years of perfect attandance! Can you imagine, 108 Sundays in a row not being sick. I guess that some needed a little extra help, and I certainly needed it. Not that I was perfect, far from it. But, as to attendance, I didn't do too bad.