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Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Our Home is Gone"

Devastation has been part of many lives this past year. Forces of nature have taken much toll all around the world. The actions of wind (tornadoes), earth (earth quakes), water (tsunami and floods) , and fire (wild fires) continue to remind us that no matter how much we think we are in control of our lives, some things are beyond our control.

The first picture to the right shows our home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We lived, fought, and loved as a family in these four walls for just about 10 years. The front of the house is shown at springtime, when the azaleas were in full bloom. A welcome sight coming home in the evening.

2001 1st Avenue, it was called. It was built by Edward Montgomery who owned a wood working business. He put a lot of his skill as a wood worker into the details. He even had a bomb shelter built during the "cold war" thinking this would provide some form of protection from that thing called the "A-bomb". We were the second owners to live in the home. Little did he know that a different type of bomb would hit. This bomb could be called a "T-bomb".

Several families have lived in the house since we sold it, when we moved back home to Kentucky. My youngest daughter still lives with her family in Tuscaloosa, and experienced the "T-bomb" first hand. The day after the tornado, she called and said, "Our home is gone".

The last picture shows what she meant. Not much of the house still stood, and large, black letters now identified the property. Complete devastation, what more can one say. The house is gone, but the memories will remain.

Forces beyond our control. Good bye 2001 1st Avenue. Anyway, home is where the heart is.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Old Kentucky Home

The snow shines bright on my old Kentucky home? No, no...the sun shines bright...let's see, both snow and sun shines bright. Anyway, the picture is of our home at 25 Vine Street, taken around 1965. You can faintly see the number 25 in the middle of the space above the front door. The picture window to the right faced west, and I sat many a day looking out this window doing school work. A small concrete front porch is shown, with cedar bushes all around. The snow is about three feet deep, and this winter was a doozy. Lots of shoveling, lots of snow ball throwing, and lots of days to make up for school. Some winters, not so much, some winters a lot of snow fell. There was a saying in Kentucky that went: "If you don't like the weather, just wait, it will change". For almost 18 years we lived the four seasons in this abode...My Old Kentucky Home.