Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Genealogy Tree House

Building a tree house was always a challenge.  The neighborhood gang worked days on how one might go about getting an old dog house up to a branch some 6-8 feet off the ground.  It was an old oak tree with many firm looking branches, and would be an ideal location of a tree house.  After several days of trying, neighborhood kickball seem more practical and beneficial.

Needless to say, my genealogy tree house was a little more practical to build, and to climb.  Its branches are filled with family stories, family pictures, family memories, and much discovery.
The drawing above is my imaginary "genealogy" tree house.  You have to climb up the side using the rope ladder, but if you make it, you can climb out any of the branches.  In reality my blogs are the branches to my imaginary tree house, but they can be climbed at any time by the computer.  Just type in the "title" [subject], followed by, and there you have it.

Started July 7, 2010, the first branch is  Stories, stories, and more stories are there.  How I got started doing genealogy...where I got started...when I got started....etc., get the picture.

Started July 31, 2010, the results of more than 50 years of research into the JONES surname is presented in the blog:  Everything you wanted to know and were afraid to ask about the JONES surname. [Believe it or not, try it out.]

Starting August 8, 2010, a number of branches were added that had to do with some "how to's" for those who might have their own interest in starting some genealogy.  Blog spots called "ge-ne-al-o-gy" were written and can be climbed at:,, and  [For those just beginning their own tree climbing.]

Starting September 4, 2010, my interest in DNA and genealogy got to be utilized by trying to help the genealogist understand this complex subject.  My years as a physician, and my medical training, helped me put together a series of posts on DNA.  Of course, the focus is on the JONES surname.

Things would not be complete if those interested in the JONES surname would not be interested in Welsh genealogy.  This blog spot begins at the beginning of course. [December 13, 2010]

Other branches that have been added since 2010: [for those facing their "brick wall"]  August 6, 2011 [my favorite grandfather and his documents] Nov 4, 2011 [An index and description of my genealogy research.] July 6, 2012

Wow, there you have it...sort of.  Come climb around my tree house...genealogy for generations...the branches are firm.

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