Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yet To Be

May 9, 1948 is written on the back of this picture. Let's see. That would be around three years after World War II, and just about the start of the "Cold War". War does not seem to be a big issue on either face, but hey, this was Winchester, KY. Far removed from the politics of the world at this time it was.

It is a picture of my grandfather (Joseph Wheeler Jones, we called Pap paw) and his baby girl (Linda Carol). Fathers and daughters have a special relationship. [Having three daughters of my own I have a little experience with this!] The look on Linda Carol's face is precious. "My daddy", she seems to be saying... standing here with my dad, how special.

This was also three years before I was even born. Hard to imagine that I was not even in existence when this picture was taken. Yet to be. Funny how that sounds now looking back in time. That Y-chromosome had been passed down to my Dad, but it was yet to be passed on to me. I can not imagine all the things that happened during this period before I was. Mom, Dad..." first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby carriage..." as we use to sing. That's what our ancestors are...all the things that happened before we were. Us...mostly the sum of them. How about that! We all at one time were yet to be.

Friday, February 17, 2012

After 20,235 Views: The Top 10

My blog experience began with The Jones Genealogist, July 7, 2010. Now after some 20,000 views I thought it would be of interest to list the top ten post viewed by those reading this blog. Thanks to all, and I hope more to come. The title of the post is given, followed by its date. On the blog page is listed "blog archives", and this title can be clicked to bring up a listing of the posts by dates. Here goes:

1) To Genealogist Everywhere: We are The Chosen - Nov. 12, 2010.
2) 50 Years of Genealogy - July 7, 2010.
3) Ping-Pong Genealogy - Dec. 17, 2010.
4) True Tree Climbing - July 8, 2010.
5) Jones Genealogy - June 15, 2011.
6) When Genealogy Becomes Geography - Dec. 10, 2010.
7) World War II Victory Medal - Nov. 22, 2011.
8) Adolescence - Dec. 2, 2011.
9) Gunter's Chain - Feb. 3, 2011.
10) Looking Back: Book About Walker Daniel and Early Danville - Aug. 24, 2011.

Wow! Hard to imagine 20,235 views.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Flatrock Township 1834

Recorded 15 October 1835, in Deed Record 87, page 126, Indianapolis, IN is an "Act of Congress", United States, to Nicholas Jones, Sr. Just short of one year before, on 12 November 1834, 160 acres was deeded to this Nicholas Jones located at the "Southwest Quarter of Section 36, Township 10 North of Range 6 East". [Tract Book, page 67] This area became known as "Flatrock Township, Bartholomew Co., IN" In his Revolutionary War Service Record (S16169) it is recorded that on the 18th of May 1835, Nicholas Jones personally appeared to declare that he was the same person who formerly belonged to the company commanded by Capt. James Johnson, of the First Regiment of VA militia. He had been placed on the pension roll of the state of Kentucky from where "...he has lately removed..." because "His children and grand children removed from said state of KY to Indiana, and on account of his age and infirmities he was inclined to follow them."

The above picture is that of his headstone. It is located 1/2 to 3/4 mile east of Northonburg, IN on the south side of the road. In 1972, this cemetery was recorded by Mary Frances Urbahns, who describes the headstones, and their identity. Known as the JONES cemetery [also called YELEY cemetery] she describes a field stone, carved on in very fine writing JONES. She reports that an N was present before the JONES, this headstone was believed to be the marker of the Revolutionary War Soldier, NICHOLAS JONES. When my Dad took this photograph some twenty years later, all writing was gone.

The drawing to the right is my attempt to outline the township, section 36. The 160 acres were located in the southwest corner. Ten acres was set aside for this cemetery. It is recorded that it was to be "...a certain lot or parcel of ground for the use of the public as a burying ground 150 feet deep and 50 feet wide..." and "...known by the name of Jones Grave Yard...". It is recorded by Ms. Urbahns that the "...very fine writing..." indicated that Nicholas was "...born ? Nov. 1760 died Oct. 18, 1842". My own research found Nicholas Jones, b. 14, Nov. 1762, and died Oct. 18, 1845.

Hello, grandfather Nicholas Jones. Thanks for your life. Your great, great, great, great, grandson.