Monday, April 14, 2014


Here my brother and I sit on the porch of our old Kentucky home.  It would have been around 1955 or so, give or take, and we show our smiles.  We are dressed in our jeans, shirts, shoes, socks, and...suspenders.  You know, those supporting bands worn across the shoulders to support trousers, shirt, or belt.  I guess our jeans were big enough to need such additional help since the cuffs were folded a number of times, especially around my ankles.  Much room to grow there was...a new home...a new neighborhood to friends to trees to climb...and for me new jeans to grow into.  Let's get going we seem to be saying.  What will this new life offer?  Up, up, and away...our suspenders will certainly come in handy.

Friday, April 4, 2014

A New Blog on Networking Jones Genealogy

It seems that my mind will not quit working on new know...the genealogy virus keeps on attacking.   Anyway...this new blog is an attempt to network on this thing called JONES GENEALOGY.  There must be other folks out there who would like to connect on things JONES.

The purpose of the blog is to provide a platform in which to share the same area of interest with others of the same mold.  The blog will cover multiple "themes" that might be of interest to a larger audience.   These themes included "geography", "chronology", "DNA", "key variables", "individual researchers", "resources", "coat of arms", and the like.  Each post will be coded so that the blog can be searched using the "search" mode in the upper right.  If you find a topic/subject/theme that you share an interest or experience, you can post a comment and share this information.  It will then allow others to "network" around this theme.  Any others thoughts or ideas are also welcome.  The world is full of those folks who carry the surname JONES...lets get networking around this thing called genealogy.

The new blog can be found at ...:-).

Saturday, March 15, 2014

U.S. Army Air Forces

Say what?  Army...Air Forces...the U.S. Army Air Forces...I thought the Army was on the ground, and the Air Forces were in the sky.  Well, lets get some things worked out.

In 1908, the U.S. Army purchased their first aircraft.   The 1st Aero Squadron of the Aviation Section, U.S. Army Signal Corps it was called.  It was the first American unit to gain air combat experience in the Mexican Expedition forces of March 14, 1916 - February 7, 1917.

In World War I it became the U.S. Army Air Service, and flew in 8 campaigns on the Western Front.

By World War II it was called the U.S. Army Air Forces, and flew in three theaters of war: 1) The American Theater, 2) the Asiatic-Pacific Theater, and 3) the European-African-Middle Eastern Theater.

This is the patch that came from my Dad's uniform during the U.S. Army Air Forces era.  The European-African-Middle Eastern theater it was.

The Ninth Air Force it was.  The above shows a pin from the era, and the symbol of the Ninth.  A five point star carried by wings is on the patch.  A nine in a gold circle carried by wings is on the pin.

I believe it was in 1947 that the U.S. Air Force became to its own.   Finally off the ground and into the air.

[The information given above is taken from: United States Air Force, Combat Medals, Streamers, and Campaigns, by A. Timothy Warnock.  For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Goverment Printing Office, Washington, D.C., published 1990. ]

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Didn't Get Away

May - 1909, South Cramden, Wisconsin, is written on the back of this picture.

The ones that did not get away is certainly shown.  Three fellas are standing with their catch of the day.  No names are recorded, but they appear somewhat fatigued after hanging all these fish.

Granny Ewen (my grandmother) told of a time when her family went to Wisconsin to live. [She was a Morton then.]  It must have been a real change from the mountain life in Kentucky.  I guess this photograph was taken during this family adventure.  Lots of fish there are to be cleaned, eaten, and stashed away for those long winter nights.  She told me that they could only take one winter, and back to Kentucky they came, but not before all these fish that didn't get away.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Ms Blue Racer Revisited

For a split second, time can be caught in a picture.  The memory can then be relived in the imagination of the one who finds this picture.   Such is the one shown below.

Ms Blue Racer and siblings. The story has been told in previous posts: 1) "The Blue Racer", Tuesday, July 13, 2010, and 2) "Ms Blue Racer and Family", Tuesday, September 28, 2010.

Here she stands.  A little older, and probably much wiser, in the treatment of snakes and such creatures.  She is shown with her younger siblings and a couple of neighbor children.   They are in front of the rail road track that ran next to their house at Slade, Kentucky.  Rail road tracts were common during this time, and folks would ride the train to come to Natural Bridge which was just up the road.
There is a rest stop now just off the Mountain Parkway that occupies this location in Powell County, KY.   But here, in this picture, my imagination joins them this summer day.  A train will soon pass, and time will move on down the rail.   Hello Ms Blue Racer and friends...revisited. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sam's Dragon

Thoughts and ideas come and go.  Something in the mind produces these activities which often help organize a belief or opinion.  Creativity is frequently a result, and human expression comes into existence.  The power to imagine...what a deal!

When the thought of "Grandpa" comes to mind what ideas enter the arena.  For each of us these may be a variety of memories and emotions.  Some may be good, and some may be bad.  For my eight year old grandson the follow is one expression.

"Dear Grandpa" it begins.  "I hope you enjoy this dragon." it goes on to say.  " Love, Sam." is the ending.  A wonderful dragon it is Sam!  I love it.  Grandpa...:-)).

Friday, January 3, 2014

War Ration Wallet - WWII (part 8) Victory

The final page in the War Ration Wallet is shown below.  United for VICTORY is the message for the home front.  All smiles are shown fading back into the large "V".  Remember what the rationing is accomplishing for the war effort.

Doing without...hmmm...a new concept.