Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Catch Me...If You Can...

Playing "tag" always involved several folks.  At least three or more would be necessary to make it exciting.  Of course "hide and seek" could be played with two, but in "tag" chasing the same person around got less interesting as you came to recognize all the other's moves.

Now on a summer day, being alone would make it much more difficult to play any of the above.  The following picture shows my Dad on such an occasion.

 June 10, 1929...3 yrs...Henry Edward written on the back.  It must have been high noon since the shadow is perpendicular.  The yard is grassy, with bushes, trees, and shade...even some possible hiding places.  A man in the background is oblivious to this picture taking as he crosses the street.  Anyhow, take this picture if you must.   Then lets play...catch me...if you can.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Exploration has been part of man since the beginning of time.  As a matter of fact, the word "explore" comes from explorare which is French ex + plorare meaning to cry out.  It seems that was the action taken by hunters on sighting game, which was the yell (outcry) to let others in the hunt know that food was finally in sight.  Can you image, all those empty stomachs, hunting for days, following all those tracts, and finally seeing some food!  "Explorare"  would certainly seem appropriate.

The following picture is my older brother [ in his youngest days] being in exploration mode. 

Let's see...nothing down that side of the shed...although it did look a bit shaky.   Good thing the grass was not any taller because I might of had some problems with navigation.    But hey, I have made it this far, and there is still a smile on the face.  I am sure there are some falls yet to come, but so far so good.   I must go on... it is part of that human gene you know.  Wonder if there is any game around this corner.  Only one way to find out...explorare!