Saturday, July 28, 2012


Taxi service was available in North Middletown.  North Middletown was located almost half-way between my hometown of Winchester (Clark County) and Paris (Bourbon County).  It must have been named from Winchester since it would have be "South" Middletown coming from Paris.  Bourbon County was formed 1785, just three years after the end of the Revolution.  At the time, there was a general feeling of indebtedness of the new nation to the French royal house of Bourbon.

The picture shows my great grandfather, Edward Turner Jones driving the "North Middletown Service Car".  It must have been in the 1920s since he lost his leg to diabetes later in his life, and would have had a difficult time driving this vehicle.  The gentleman sitting next is unidentified, and seems uninterested in this picture taking.  I suspect that Edward Turner took advantage of every picture taking opportunity.  He seemed to like his derby hat and his straight line JONES simile is seen.  Top down, wind in the face, and hat firmly pulled down...lets go this taxi...on to the streets of North Middletown.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A New Blog...Again

Eleven of them...can you believe it.  Blog-O-Rama as some might say.  This blog was started to list the content and outline of my genealogical research from the last 50 years.  This research was organized by subject, then content, and numbered from the spider webs of my mind, beginning with notebook #1 to...well not really sure yet. [A final number is yet to come.]  At any rate, the object was to list the content (subject) which was researched, and give a chance for the reader (genealogist) to find a topic which might be of help.  Not many folks would tend to look at a tree branch like I would often view them.

The blog site contains a "search" gadget  on the right hand section.  This gadget will allow the reader to investigate the notebooks and see if there is a match with this topic/subject.   This will give the notebook and its number, hopefully allowing the genealogist to identify the reference.   The notebooks are physically located at the Joseph Wheeler Jones Memorial Library, Danville, KY.   They can be utilized by the researcher on site, or one can contact me [] by e-mail to see if the content contains useful items.

Hopefully this blog will give access to my research for those who are seeking help or looking for a particular tree branch.  Remember that my particular family tree is JONES, and much of the research deals with this surname.  The site is:  [tjg = The Jones Genealogist]  I did not want to write this long name again.  Come, join the search, and climb a few branches with me.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

Here stands my Dad.  May 9, 1948 is written on the back.  Suite, tie, hair perfectly combed, and big smile in place.  I am really glad to be here, he seems to be saying.  Life is good, and I am happy to be part of it.  The first day of my new married life this is. [Mom and Dad were married May 8, 1948.]

He is standing in front of his home on Broadway, and I guess Mom must be taking this picture.  Careful study of this picture shows Broadway to be of brick, and I do remember riding my bike on this surface trying not to get the front wheel caught between the bricks. Of course it would be a couple of years before my appearing , and many years before my bicycle would hit the bricks.  A "Gulf" gas station sign can be seen in the background, and it had a air pump where my bike and I made frequent exchanges.  But on this day in 1948, Dad was the center of attention, this newly married man of one day.  Here I am world, let's go.

Well today Dad has the center of my attention.  It is his 86th birthday.  Imagine, 86 years young, and a marriage going on 65 years.  He still smiles, and goes to Wal-Mart to walk almost every day.  He still manages to cut the grass, and has a new interest in this thing called the computer.  Well, "Happy Birthday Dad".  It has been a number of years since this photo was taken in which you look so proud.  Today it is I who am proud of knowing this man of 86 years...thank you for my gift of life.