Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer of '56

Summer days in old Kentucky were pretty much spent in the same way.  It was before air conditioning, rotary phones [number please], and for most of us even a T.V.!  [black and white only]  By June, the summer heat would begin.  Time was spent looking for a "four leaf clover" [clover was growing all over the place], and one had to be an expert to avoid all those honey bee's single stinger.

Such a day in 1956, is shown above.  A pick net table in the basement was always a good place avoid some of the heat.  Windows and doors wide open, shorts, and cold "soda pop"  help set the stage.  Here my brother [no shirt] and three other first cousins seemed to be enjoying this summer day.  I was beginning to preform some of my facial acrobatics which often played pretty well, expect to the one taking the picture.  Here we set, all smiles on three, and a face in production on me.  Summer of '56 it is