Saturday, January 20, 2018


Not so long ago, quilts were part of the family.  They were often handed down from mother to daughter to keep the memories that they held alive.  During my growing up days in the 1950's, this quilting stuff was generally left up to the maternal side.  [Do not remember any males involved in this family activity.]  The females of the family would come together to quilt, showing the younger the secrets of the stitch, organizing the pieces, layers, materials, etc., etc., all joining together to make a new bed cover for the one who needs it.  For my Ewen side of the family it was often needed since 12 members of bothers and sisters had many to cover on those cold evenings before furnaces and central air.  Such is the quilt shown:

It usually covered a good size group.  The pattern became a distinct work of art, in many cases taking it own name.  A closer picture is shown.

Just imagine the number of threads woven.   Each little piece of cloth being shaped and placed in the pattern selected by the group.  A final picture is shown.

Overlapping circles joined together by a common bond.  A family quilted together, indeed it is.