Wednesday, November 27, 2013

War Ration Wallet-WWII (part 3) Distilled Spirits

One unit of wines in excess of 14% alcohol by volume it reads.  Void if detached follows.  That was stamp 28 as shown below.   You could also get one pair of shoes, and a 5 pound bag of "pure cane sugar". ["Every Kind For Every Use"!]

Thus continues the rations during WWII on the home front.  Don't waste is needed for defense.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

War Ration Wallet - WWII (part 2) The Stamps

Ration stamps were the next section of this wallet.  They were numbered in order starting with "Ration Stamp No. 1".  On the front side of the stamps were military symbols such as a tank, airplane, ship, etc...

On the back of the stamp was the name "sugar", "coffee", "spare", "flour", etc., etc.

A gasoline and mileage ration sticker was required to be placed "...only in that location which conforms with the state law."  A "Gasoline Ration" and "Mileage Ration" sticker was included on the 4th page of the wallet.  There is no information given as to where the correct location on the "vehicle". 

Let's see now; sugar, coffee, and flour to be rationed.  I wonder how many cups of coffee it was good for on a typical day?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

War Ration Wallet - WWII (part I)

Rationing was part of the daily life during the war years of World War II.  A family was given a "War Ration Wallet" which gave the admonition: " When you think of  RATIONING ... Remember what our boys are doing WITH those things we are doing WITHOUT! "

The following few posts will give a copy of each page of such a wallet.  It is given to help remind us in this day of easy access... that it was not always so.

Official looking, yes.  The front cover page is shown above.  It also listed a suggestion to buy war bonds which became part of the American thought process of the day.

The second page gives a warning.

A "Ration Board" existed which followed "Rationing Orders and Regulations".  You could received up to 10 year imprisonment or a $10,000 fine, or both, according to the warning page shown above.  It is not given as to what consisted of a violation or how one would go about making such an infraction.  The books were numbered and a record of their issue must have been kept.  The "Office of Price Administration" seem to control the access, control and removal of these books.