Monday, September 3, 2018

Family and Friends

To those who might enjoy a follow-up photograph to the one posted 2 November, 2015 titled "Just Another Day".  The photo in this post is shown below.  [This post has received 3265 visits.]

Evelyn Jean is seated just to my right side in the picture.  Of course yours truly is seated in front with both fingers in my mouth sharing this moment in time. 

Now some years back the following photo was taken.  Just Evelyn Jean and I sharing this moment in time.

We are in the same position as shown in the first picture, and certainly haven't changed a bit.
[NOT!]  We had not seen one another for at least three decades, and enjoyed catching one another up on all the happenings important to us.  Just another day in our lives, but a little to old for tree climbing, rock throwing, snow ball fighting and the like...on this day in time, we were just family and friends.