Saturday, July 20, 2013

Good Conduct Medal

"Efficiency, Honor, Fidelity" are the words which appear on the obverse (front) of this medal.

An eagle with wings displayed and inverted stands guard on a closed book and a Roman sword which is encircled by the words given above.  The ribbon is of scarlet moire' with three narrow white stripes at either edge.  It is the Army Good Conduct Medal authorized by Executive Order 8809, on June 28, 1941.  During wartime, this medal was to be awarded on completion of one year of continuous service.

The revers (back) has a five-pointed star, slightly above center, with a scroll beneath for the recipient's name.  Above the star are the words "For Good", and below the scroll the word "Conduct".  A wreath formed of a laurel branch on the left and an oak branch on the right, surrounds the whole design.  The recipient of this award is shown in small print "Henry E. Jones".

Here he is...this Henry E. Jones standing in the Alps during the 18 months of his honorable service.  For good conduct it says.  Efficiency, honor, and fidelity is my Dad.