Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Summer months passed fast enough for those of us who wanted to stay out of that prison called school.  One activity that help occupy this free time was "SKY-VUE, Drive In Theatre".  Located on US 60 some miles out of Winchester, you had to have a car, or a friend who had a car, to get there.  The picture shown is that taken directly across US 60.  Sitting on a fence in front of the house that Granny and Grandad were living at the time, this view was seen showing the front entrance with sign listing the movies that were being shown.  What a sight I thought, this big screen under the stars.  Would I ever get there...sighed I.   Mom, Dad, Henry, and of course me, would come and visit Granny and Grandad on many occasions, but it took Cecil B. DeMille, Chariton Heston, and Yul Brynner to bring our family to this picture show.

October 5, 1956, the movie everyone was waiting to see was released.  I am sure it took a while to get to this little drive-in, but we were there one night under the stars to see the Red Sea part.  What color, what story, what action, what fun was that night under the stars.  Buttered popcorn,  Moses and Pharaoh going head to head, and a speaker inside the car...what more could a guy ask for.  It was nothing like any Bible Story Book that I had ever seen. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012


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Saturday, June 2, 2012

1st Cousins

It was May, 1956, and a group of the Ewen clan were gathered for what looks like a birthday party. Standing on the from row, second from the right, is my brother Henry.  He was born in May, and it might be a picture of his birthday party.  It would have been his seventh year, and most of the folks look pretty dressed up for this event.  A single light bulb illuminates the room, and most seem to want to get this picture taking over.

"1st Cousins", I would call it.  A product of a large family.  Myrna Jean [my Mom] was in the middle of 12 children.  Nine were to reach adulthood, and would add their chromosomes to this group of party goers.  You can imagine what a family get together was like.  This front row seemed to be involved in the enjoyment of that long straw full of powered sugar that you had to open at one end, and shake onto your waiting tongue.  A lot of work for very little reward, or least for me it seemed that way.

Speaking of me, I am that glowing face high in the background with fingers in the mouth.  At five years of age, always ready to provide some extra entertainment to the festivities, I would often make faces to the camera.  I had some good ones saved for special occasions.  They were not always well received by the adults of the camera, but the other kids seemed to enjoy them.  Occasionally, I would get a whole group making faces. [Crossing eyes was my specialty!]

Anyway, here we were, 1st cousins to the end.