Monday, October 5, 2015

Another Story

Great grandfathers are usually not known by the folks of this generation.  Getting to know something of their lives may also become a task.   This picture is Edward Turner Jones, my great grandfather.  He was born 10th of August 1873 in Madison Co., KY.  This was just across the Kentucky River from my own Kentucky county called Clark, and I had a special interest in discovering his story.  His name was past down to me.

Edward it is.  Jerry Edward Jones my folks called me at that birth day some years back.  I thought at first the name Edward came from my Dad, Henry Edward Jones.  After some years of tree climbing it became evident that my father was named after his grandfather.  What a deal I thought.  Over a century before my birth certificate was completed, another of the same Y-chromosome carried the name Edward.  His baby of the family [a daughter Jeane Marie Jones born 1919] became my link in the chain to his generation.  She had many stories about her father.  He loved to sing, play the fiddle, and play cards.  He had difficulty with diabetes in his last years, loosing a leg to this disease.  But, the picture shown above was taken in his teens. [before 1893!]  He was married December 20, 1893 to Ellen Dorcas Henderson.  She was a direct descendant of that fellow named Richard Henderson who had something to do with the settlement of Kentucky at that placed called Boonesborough.  But that is another story.