Monday, July 12, 2010

Where's the map?

"Where' the map?" came the question.

"What map?" was asked.

"The map that tell us where we're going!" came the answer.

"Where are we going?" came the question.

"It's on the map that has all those places, names, and things" was answered.

"Then where's the map that has all those things?" was asked.

"It's where we want to go." came the answer.

"Then where do we want to go?" was asked.

"It's on the map!" was yelled.

"Where's the map?" yelled louder.

Over the years, I found myself in libraries, courthouses, graveyards, old houses, battlefields, hillsides, churches, castles, archives, museums and too numerous other places to name. Many times I would get so excited, spend hours rummaging around, looking here and looking there. Getting sidetracked was part of the adventure. This was the fun of it. However, there were many times after leaving I suddenly realized that I did not get the information I really needed. I may never come this way again.

It became evident (like the typing paper in the three ring notebook) that I needed to ask myself what it was I hoped to gain. What information was it I really needed. Basically what's the point or goal of this visit. I needed a map! A plan of action! Before going into a library, I would write down just what it was I was hoping to gain by my visit here. This would often be on an index card placed in my pocket. Before I left, I would check the index card to see if my answer was yes, I've got it. Or oops, I need to get back on target. Over the years tree climbing, this saved many hours of frustration. Where's the map?

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