Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Being the Baby

It was not always easy being the "baby" of the family. Waiting seemed to be in the job description...no matter what you tried to do. Waiting for the bathroom, waiting for the comic strips on Sundays, waiting for the last pork chop, waiting for the choice of TV programs, waiting to be asked what you wanted for Christmas, on and on it goes. There was nothing like waiting for the inevitable proclamation made by mom that "this is my baby" when ever the topic of family was discussed. I would be brought to the forefront of the group that had assembled,and required to do my duty. I often made faces and crossed my eyes which made everyone laugh.

Now in our neighborhood, being called a baby was fighting words. There was "cry baby", "baby face", "act like a baby", "don't be a baby", and many other forms of the words. From the male perspective, you did not want to be a baby. From a mother's persective it was a place of honour.

I will always be the "baby" of our family. No matter what I try to do.

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