Tuesday, November 15, 2011

With Love, Henry

The world had changed in 1945-1946. Most of this world had been involved in a war that was to impact many, many lives for generations to come. Indeed it did.

It was the picture to the right that caught my attention. It was taken in 1946 below one of the most famous mountains in the world. To the French it was "Mont Cervin". To the Italian it was "Monte Cervino". To the Swiss, it was just called "Matterhorn". Straddling the frontier between Switzerland and Italy, all 14,691 feet stands proudly. No war was going to change me it seems to be saying. My Dad stands here. The picture has in his hand writing, "With Love, Henry".

What? Love in the mist of all this mess? How was one to deal with all the hatred, death, killings, destruction, war...war...war! Some thought it would never end. But, here is my Dad, sending a picture to his family, with love. The folks below would have received it.

This picture shows Dad's younger sister, Ray. She is recording a picture with her Mom, my Mam maw... that shared moment in time caught by the camera of life. Ray was still in high school, and Mam maw was working outside the home. There were three younger siblings some ten years younger, but I guess this picture was one of those mother-daughter adventures, known only to moms and the oldest daughters.

The world goes on...1945-1946...With Love, Henry.


  1. This is one of my favorite pictures of my Mom. She was 15 years old and is wearing her older brother's sweater. The W stands for Winchester High School. I suppose she commandeered his clothes while he was in France. lol
    Oh, and this picture was taken in one of those "picture booths". Wonder what the other three looked like?

  2. Hey Darla, wonderful pictures. Gayle and Gene can be seen about this time under post titled "uncles" and Linda under post about ghost stories. This would give you some idea of those folks about this time.