Thursday, October 18, 2012

School Plays

It would certainly be expected that most children's elementary education includes school plays.  You know those plays that require group participation, cooperation, acting, and those stomach butterflies that generally tell us that something unusual is about to happen.  Getting up in front of people and pretending that you are some character not usually part of the normal day, can produce a lot of these butterflies.

A "bunny rabbit " all dressed up and no place to go except to this school play.  Yelp...there I stand in all my glory, floppy white ears, crossed arms, and plenty of butterflies.  There were a few other kids dressed up a bit, but not like me.  Mom always thought I looked extra cute, but you can judge for yourself.  I was suppose to hop across the stage and not slip on the recently waxed floor.  Overall, I was pretty successful, and for this picture I got to stand right behind the princess that was suppose to come to life after I hopped by her pillowed rest.  Ah...those were the days.  Lights...action...let the school plays continue to train us for life's bigger stages.

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