Sunday, November 25, 2012

Special Events

For most of us, the memory of our first pet is special.  It might have been a puppy, or kitten, or fish, or turtle, or even a snake, or some other sort of critter.  But just having that first pet, becomes a special event.  "You will have to feed it"..."You will have to take care of it"..."You will have to train it"..."You will have to clean-up after all its messes"... were often some of the requirements. 

Here is a picture of Linda Carol.  It must have been one of those special events.  A puppy it is.

My puppy!   I have got it safely tucked in my arms, and I will feed it, take care of it, and clean up after it, and sleep with it, and...and give all my love.    Not enough hugs to go around.  Here, take this picture of my new puppy and this special event. 

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  1. When I owned a puppy for the first time... it was a very special event for me. It was a moment that would never be forgotten.