Tuesday, December 18, 2012


A thin flat piece of material (usually wood) fastened horizontally at a distance from the floor to hold objects is defined a shelf.  Of course, the objects placed upon the shelves are completely left to the one owning the shelf.  The following picture is such a group of shelves.

These shelves belonged to my Granny Ewen.  The picture was taken in the early 1960's. [Not sure of the exact date.]  It contains the items that Granny thought were important to her.

Let's see.  There are cups and plates along the lower most shelf.  It would certainly be helpful in getting to them when all the family was around to eat.

The next shelf contains a radio, clock and some unclear items.   Music and time...or time for music...or just what time is it...could all be handled from this shelf.

The third shelf contains plants.  It looks like ivy.  Plants growing over the plates, clock, radio, and those things below.  Granny must have been a good plant "grower" and "waterer"  to keep things out those objects below.  [She did love plants.]

The forth and fifth selves contain some objects that were probably not needed very often.  Jugs, fancy cups, a plate nailed to the side, etc., etc...those kinds of things you want to show, but not have any touch. [Or break when I was around.]

The shelves of our lives contain all kinds of stuff.   They tell others what is important to us in a way that nothing else can tell.  These were Granny Ewen's shelves.  What do your shelves tell about you?


  1. Omigosh!! I do love my shelves...and I am not even kin to your granny. I have pictures that I have taken at the beach, sea shells, books about the ocean, sea shells, bookends that look like palm trees, a parrot carved out of balsa wood, sea shells. Beside my bookshelf is a 7 foot tall palm tree. hmmm...what DOES this say about me?
    BTW, did I mention sea shells? :D

  2. My shelves are mostly filled with papers and books and notebooks. I bought some of the shelves when I realized there were no more table tops or places to sit. That was about twenty years ago. There wasn't much in those papers about Jones. That's why I'm here :-)

  3. Always room for a Jones on these shelves...:-)