Monday, February 3, 2014

Ms Blue Racer Revisited

For a split second, time can be caught in a picture.  The memory can then be relived in the imagination of the one who finds this picture.   Such is the one shown below.

Ms Blue Racer and siblings. The story has been told in previous posts: 1) "The Blue Racer", Tuesday, July 13, 2010, and 2) "Ms Blue Racer and Family", Tuesday, September 28, 2010.

Here she stands.  A little older, and probably much wiser, in the treatment of snakes and such creatures.  She is shown with her younger siblings and a couple of neighbor children.   They are in front of the rail road track that ran next to their house at Slade, Kentucky.  Rail road tracts were common during this time, and folks would ride the train to come to Natural Bridge which was just up the road.
There is a rest stop now just off the Mountain Parkway that occupies this location in Powell County, KY.   But here, in this picture, my imagination joins them this summer day.  A train will soon pass, and time will move on down the rail.   Hello Ms Blue Racer and friends...revisited. 

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