Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Angel of Peace

My Dad took this photo in 1946.  He was part of the Army of Occupation (Germany) which officially began May 5, 1945 and spent almost two years in southwest Germany.  On the back of the picture is written:
                                       "Angel of Peace - can't you see this in Germany."

 It must have been with some sense of irony to find anything still standing [see last post "No Pot to Pee In"] little lone a statue titled "Angle of Peace".  Dad states he does not remember exactly where this statue was located, but his hand written note still strikes a cord on the strings of history.  Does anyone know the location of this statue if it still exist?  There is a single individual sitting at the base...I wonder if he is thinking is peace really here.



  2. Thanks Charlie...the suburb of Bogenhausen in Munich...the photo on the web looks a little different today...I guess she was asleep a lot of the time between 1900 and 1946.

  3. Found another picture from my Dad's collection showing the inside of a building in 1946. Die Staatstheater (the opera house) in downtown Stutteart, Germany. The statue above is located in the front of this building in Stutteart. Perhaps she was not as asleep as written above.