Sunday, March 29, 2015

An Easter Sunday

Sundays were pretty much the same at 25 Vine Street.  Dress-up was expected, and Church was how the mornings were spent.  Easter was an exception.  On this Sunday morning you had a chance to enjoy one of those chocolate Easter Bunnies.  Of course it came with those Easter Baskets full of all those goodies.  Now, how a rabbit could lay an egg was not an issue.  The following picture shows one of those Sunday mornings.

Here we stand.  Just out the back door of our old Kentucky home.  Mom had her white gloves, Henry [my older brother] had his bow tie neatly in place, and I...well I had my Easter Bunny held close to the chest.  I guess Henry felt he was too old to participate in such excitement, but was Sunday, and I wanted to take my bunny to Church.  It was light blue, had long pointy ears, with a chest of pure white.  Soft and cuddly it was.  Only a ride to Church it got, since it had to wait in the car until Church was over.  Well, anyway, all those goodies still awaited, and I was going to feast after Church with my brand new bunny.  An Easter Sunday it was.

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  1. Vana Johnson PlaisanceApril 14, 2015 at 11:53 PM

    Wonderful photograph and commentary! I remember the older brother, but I do not recall his name. I also remember that Jerry and I played a game of chess at his house when we were either freshmen or sophomores in high school. I think I won, or perhaps he graciously allowed me to win. Afterwards, Jerry showed me a see-through plastic man in his room and told me that he planned to become a medical doctor. Congratulations, Jerry, for achieving your dreams! The GRC Class of '69 is proud of you!