Monday, August 10, 2015

Hotel Regis 1946

A fair number of post cards brought back from Germany 1946 have been shown on previous post.  In the large stack of post cards, this is the only one of color.

  "The Regis, Clarens" is its title.  "HOTEL", "REGIS", "PENSION" are the words hung across the balcony porches facing the front.  Five bay windows, orange colored awnings, and a place to sit under large umbrellas on the front patio.  [Lots of chimneys protrude through the roof which much be the end points of many cold winters.]  Clarens, Montreux, Switzerland it must be.

I tried to find out if this Hotel still stands.  Could not find it listed under hotels for Clarens, Switzerland.  Does any one know the story of this Hotel Regis from 1946?  My Dad must have stayed here.


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  2. Just stumbled on this post. Try a google image search of Clarens Switzerland. I've stayed in several places abroad that go back and forth between being a private residence and hotel/inn and back to private residence or could be an office building now. Just a thought.

  3. hello mr Jones, i was looking for this hotel too. after getting in touch with the town archives of Montreux I learned that the hotel was turned into office space (as jeri january supposed) and is now being renovated into luxury appartments. i was told it was and is located 35,avenue du lac, clarens
    see real estate website www (Les Quais De Clarens).
    bye, N. (netherlands)

  4. ps
    google maps labels the street as rue du lac; zooming out in street view mode offers a nice view of the hotel (connected to a neighbouring building)