Sunday, March 27, 2011

Keep Smiling Until Then

School pictures were a part of growing up. You were always given a few days warning...parents wanted you to look just right, hair combed and all. For the most part, teachers seemed to enjoy it, having us line up in the hallway, all smiles showing, and march us to the picture place. A big production it was at Hickman Street School.

The picture to the right shows that of my first grade, school year 1957-1958. Curly black hair was pretty well combed. White shirt was buttoned right to the top. A smile from ear to ear which is saying a lot since my ears stuck out a ways from the face that showed such excitement. My first grade school picture and my first permanent tooth!

Teeth eruption seemed to show up at the unluckiest times. The first molars appear on the average around 6-7 years of age. The central incisors appear on average around 7 -8 years of age. The lateral incisors show up around 8-9 years of age...the cuspids 11-12...the first bicuspids 10-11... second bicuspid 10-12 years. The second molars arrive 12-13 years of age. Finally, the third molars (called Wisdom Teeth!) arrive 17-21 years of age. Often these third molars arrive by special delivery in a dentist office.

Yes indeed, baby teeth to permanent teeth were often caught on school pictures, starting right from the first grade until that final grade in the sky I guess. As Roy Rogers would say, "Keep smiling until then".

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