Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lightly on His Mother's Shoulder

G.W. Ewen seemed to have one of those faces that did not change with age. He had the same hair, the same mustache, the same eyes, and overall, the same look throughout his picture years. How lucky can one get? The picture to the right shows G.W. and his wife Susan, early in their married life. The first three sons are shown (although one looks like he is in a dress?). Robert (Bob), b. 1881; Asa Brooks, b. 1883, and J.C. (Jake), b. 1887 are the best guess. This picture would be taken around 1888-1890, and G.W. would have been around 30 years old. The oldest has his hands lightly on his mother's shoulder. Mon seems to be sitting upright, but G.W. seems to be relaxed and sitting, leaning backward in his chair. A family picture at the beginning of their story is shown. Eleven children will be born to this couple. A few more are yet to come.

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