Monday, May 9, 2011

Along Pewmansend Creek 1673

Simon Miller was the first to be named among the freshes on "Pewamanesee Cr.". On November 5, 1673 it was recorded in Cavaliers and Pioneers, p. 138, "SIMON MILLER, 817 acs. Rappa. Co., in the freshes & on S. side the Riv., on the head of Pewamanesee Cr., adj. Cadw. Jones; lands of Talliaferro, Buckner, Prosser & Royston, 5 Nov. 1673, p. 490." [Patent Book No. 6]

Wow, there you have it, Talliaferro, Buckner, and Jones next to each other in 1673!

On the next page is recorded:

"CADWILL. (Cadwallader ?) JONES, 1443 acs. on S. side & in the freshes of Rappa. Riv., adj. Warwick Camock (Cammock) 5 Nov. 1673, p. 492, 625 acs. granted Symon Miller, who sould to sd. Jones; 818 acs. for trans. of 17 pers:..."

Cadwallader Jones, the first Jones along Pewmansend Creek. What a name I thought. Who was this guy? After 20 years of research, I got to know him pretty well.

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