Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Name That Creek

Two previous post discussed the methods of drawing and using maps in genealogical research. The map to the right shows the end product of such an endeavor. Pewmansend Creek remains outlined in yellow (first 3 miles), then the "north branch" in pink (roughly a 5 - 6 mile extension), and the "south" branch in green (4-5 mile extension). The landmarks of the day were creeks. [Used as street signs.] They are shown listed across the top starting with a) Port Tobacco Bay, b)Madam Lomx, c) Taliaferro's Creek, d) Roy's Warehouse, e) Presser's [Prosser] Creek, f) Passitank, g) Wier [Ware] Creek, h) Harrison's Creek, i) Conway's Warehouse, j) Snow Creek, and k) Nussopanax Run. A rough location of many of the early land owners are shown. Taliaferro, Buckner, Cattlett, Battialle, and Thornton are identified in the "freshes" along this section of Rappahannock River. Who was the first JONES? Was there a JONES along this Pewmansend Creek? Well indeed there was!

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