Saturday, August 20, 2011

Caught on Film

My last picture showed my brother and me with Grandad Ewen. This picture shows my first cousin, David; my brother Henry, and me. It was taken about the same time period, late 1950s, and represents most of the pictures taken during this time. [Although more 1st cousins are usually around.]

We are standing just inside the front door. Granny is holding David's hands, and I seem to be glad that I have the "prize" held high in my left hand. [Being left handed of course.] Not sure exactly what this is, but I seem happy that I have it. David seems a bit upset, and Henry seems his usual calm self, with some kind of object held in his mouth. My dress again is outstanding. Shirt disheveled, only one suspender showing, cuffs opened, and most of my shirt tail about to join the outside world. What joy on my face.

Granny Ewen seems to have become the sheriff, waiting patiently [or not so patiently] for this adventure to pass. What adventures there are in childhood. Grannies being the sheriffs, and the grandchildren being the "Cowboy and Indians". Lock 'em up says the sheriff. This one caught on film.

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