Sunday, August 14, 2011

With Grandad Ewen

Not many pictures were taken with Grandad Ewen. The men in the family seemed to dissolve into the shadows when that picture taking time arrived. Most of the pictures were with Granny Ewen, aunts, and those of the XX-chromosome type.

Not this one. It shows my brother and me standing behind Grandad Ewen. It was taken on one of those Christmas days when the Ewen side all got together. I am a little surprised that my brother and I got a picture taken by our self, since there were usually a boat load of first cousins around. [Nine Ewen aunts and uncles all having their share of the next generations.]

It looks like the presents have been opened, and a few piles of discarded wrapping paper lies about. My brother is neatly dressed, and I my usual state of attire. T-shirt hanging out, jacket sleeves unbuttoned, and that sheepish grin that tells I must have been up my usual activities.

I remember that Grandad Ewen always gave me a silver dollar. This was at a time when the silver dollar was worth a dollar! Most were the "Peace (1921-1935)" design, and belonged to the era that saw the great depression. [What a silver dollar must have been worth then.] My favorite however, was the 1890 Morgan (1887-1921) with two small "cc" on the back. It had an image of a woman on the front, and that of an eagle with its wings spread out on the back. Not like the Peace silver dollar where the eagle on the back had its wings closed tightly. I liked my eagles flying.

I do not remember having this picture taken with Grandad Ewen, but I still remember and keep in my possession the silver dollars.

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