Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marine Robin 1 - 3 : Finally Home

A reader of this blog has asked for help with information regarding the "Marine Robin". He tells me that his grandfather returned on this ship in 1945 from Germany. This reader has wanted to build a ship model in honor of his grandfather. He asked for any information regarding the plans, color, dates, etc...etc. on the Marine Robin. My Dad also returned from Germany on this ship, and I am sure that there are other "relatives" of this adventure that would also share an interest.

I have copies [1-20] of the pictures taken of this ship in 1946. As the troop ships would arrive in harbor, a photographer would take a series of pictures of the docking with hopes of each returnee buying the copies. My Dad was one. They are numbered 1 - 20 and I will try and copy the pictures in sequence as they are numbered.

Anyone with information regarding this ship please post or give the information you have regarding your ancestor. My reader tells me that he has not found a blueprint of the ship or any record of this ship. Does anyone know if such a blueprint exists? My Dad states that it was called a "Liberty" ship.

My Dad tells me that he remembers seeing a "lot of rust everywhere", and does not recall a specific color pattern. His "bunk" was in the back [stern] of the ship, and he remembers hearing the sound of the propellers going at all times. The beds were metal bunk beds stacked floor to ceiling. He volunteered for K.P. [kitchen police] so that he could eat at all time in order to keep the "sea sickness" under control. I asked what they did for the bath room, but he does not remember. I can't imagine all these folks not going to the "head"! He does remember seeing folks "throw-up" in their beef stew which was served frequently.

The next several post will give the pictures in order of the docking that day in 1946. Dad says, that the most impressive thing was seeing the Statue of Liberty and feeling that he was finally home.

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