Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

Here stands my Dad.  May 9, 1948 is written on the back.  Suite, tie, hair perfectly combed, and big smile in place.  I am really glad to be here, he seems to be saying.  Life is good, and I am happy to be part of it.  The first day of my new married life this is. [Mom and Dad were married May 8, 1948.]

He is standing in front of his home on Broadway, and I guess Mom must be taking this picture.  Careful study of this picture shows Broadway to be of brick, and I do remember riding my bike on this surface trying not to get the front wheel caught between the bricks. Of course it would be a couple of years before my appearing , and many years before my bicycle would hit the bricks.  A "Gulf" gas station sign can be seen in the background, and it had a air pump where my bike and I made frequent exchanges.  But on this day in 1948, Dad was the center of attention, this newly married man of one day.  Here I am world, let's go.

Well today Dad has the center of my attention.  It is his 86th birthday.  Imagine, 86 years young, and a marriage going on 65 years.  He still smiles, and goes to Wal-Mart to walk almost every day.  He still manages to cut the grass, and has a new interest in this thing called the computer.  Well, "Happy Birthday Dad".  It has been a number of years since this photo was taken in which you look so proud.  Today it is I who am proud of knowing this man of 86 years...thank you for my gift of life.

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