Saturday, July 28, 2012


Taxi service was available in North Middletown.  North Middletown was located almost half-way between my hometown of Winchester (Clark County) and Paris (Bourbon County).  It must have been named from Winchester since it would have be "South" Middletown coming from Paris.  Bourbon County was formed 1785, just three years after the end of the Revolution.  At the time, there was a general feeling of indebtedness of the new nation to the French royal house of Bourbon.

The picture shows my great grandfather, Edward Turner Jones driving the "North Middletown Service Car".  It must have been in the 1920s since he lost his leg to diabetes later in his life, and would have had a difficult time driving this vehicle.  The gentleman sitting next is unidentified, and seems uninterested in this picture taking.  I suspect that Edward Turner took advantage of every picture taking opportunity.  He seemed to like his derby hat and his straight line JONES simile is seen.  Top down, wind in the face, and hat firmly pulled down...lets go this taxi...on to the streets of North Middletown.


  1. Yes, I think that looks just like our Grandfather...or I suppose I should say our Grandfather looked just like his Father. Now I know where my Mother got her dimples!
    By the way, didn't those old cars have chokes and starters on the dash? Maybe he didn't need his foot to drive. Just a thought.

  2. Hey Darla, know any connection of family to North Middletown?