Friday, February 1, 2013

Sitting At The Table

Last post showed a picture of my family setting the table at one of our family reunions.  The women folk were mostly involved in the cooking and preparation.   They would bring their "best" dishes to the gatherings and carefully place them along the tables set before us.   The following picture shows the sitting at the table.

It seemed to me the males made it to a sitting position most of the time during this phase of the gathering.  Food to the mouth is shown to be the main activity.  There were even some younger folks sitting at this table.  Don't remember ever sitting myself, but there were other things to do.  You could go a long way on a fried chicken leg in each hand.  Yes sir, the women would set the table, and on the most part, it was the men who would sit the table.


  1. Is that my mom on the left, looking towards the camera?

  2. Don't will have to ask her? I that is Faye across from her and my mom standing just behind. What a group!

  3. Hey Faith, ask Mom about picture...she thought it was Brenda Lee...did you ever get to meet her?