Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom

On the 18th of April, 1930, my Mom was born.  Her family had moved from Kentucky to Indiana trying to find work at the period of our history called "The Great Depression".  Being in the middle of 12 children born to this Ewen family, she would have to make her own way among the four brothers and four sisters. [two sisters had died earlier]

Myrna Jean Ewen was the name given.  Myrna being an unusual family name, most in the family just called her "Jeanie".  Here is her sixteenth year picture just after the family had moved from Slate, KY to my birthplace called Winchester, KY.

School days 1946 - 47 it reads.  She was about to meet my Dad around this time and start that relationship that was to make our family.

Some two years later, she appears as Myrna Jean Jones in this photograph below, which was taken the second day of her married life.

May 9th, 1948 it would be.  That "just married" look is evident.

Happy Birthday Mom!  Thanks for your life, and giving our family such love.
Your heart pumps in my chest, and your gift of love will echo through our family for generations.

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