Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's About Time

What time is it?

 Some say "a time for every purpose under heaven".

Wait a minute, you mean all the time, part time, or just any time?

Well I guess over time it would be every time, thus timeless.

Wow, time after time...a never ending story.  But, what about "once upon a time"?

That's certainly time-honored, however you would need a time-keeper, and we need to let the good times roll...certainly time-consuming...not sure enough hours in the day.

Wait a second, who's the timer anyway?  Wouldn't they need a time sheet, with a time-piece, and a time-line to keep things straight?  And at the same time, they would need a time-table, time zone, and maybe even a time-capsule? It would certainly take the summer time, and this is when the living is easy.

One more time, "a time for every purpose under heaven".

Time out!  Time out!  This is getting time-worn...and not sure it can be time-tested.  Anyway, times up and I will need more time.  Maybe even some time travel.

Well, it's about time!


  1. You forgot 'time travel'...:D

  2. This could be in the the book "Where the Sidewalk Ends"!


  3. Thanks Darla, will add...see revision.

    On yes Lesley...don't forget to take the garbage out... love...Dad...:)