Friday, April 4, 2014

A New Blog on Networking Jones Genealogy

It seems that my mind will not quit working on new know...the genealogy virus keeps on attacking.   Anyway...this new blog is an attempt to network on this thing called JONES GENEALOGY.  There must be other folks out there who would like to connect on things JONES.

The purpose of the blog is to provide a platform in which to share the same area of interest with others of the same mold.  The blog will cover multiple "themes" that might be of interest to a larger audience.   These themes included "geography", "chronology", "DNA", "key variables", "individual researchers", "resources", "coat of arms", and the like.  Each post will be coded so that the blog can be searched using the "search" mode in the upper right.  If you find a topic/subject/theme that you share an interest or experience, you can post a comment and share this information.  It will then allow others to "network" around this theme.  Any others thoughts or ideas are also welcome.  The world is full of those folks who carry the surname JONES...lets get networking around this thing called genealogy.

The new blog can be found at ...:-).

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