Monday, December 1, 2014

Sunday Morning(s)

Attending church was part of life in the 1950s.  Every Sunday for more than 9 years in a row, I presented myself in all the glory a 5 to 14 years old could manage.  It was expected.  Here are my brother and I on one of those Sunday mornings.

All smiles we show.  My brother in his bow tie, white pants, and spiffy jacket.  Me in my three button jacket with some type of symbol on the coat pocket.  [Already into "coat-of-arms" at this young age I was.]  Our 1949 Plymouth sedan can be seen to left which took us to that ancient, red brick, building first built in 1857.  This picture was around 1956, which meant that old church building had been standing almost 100 years.  Perhaps that was why I enjoyed exploring this edifice with beautiful stain-glass windows, large mahogany pews with brass numbers on the ends, and a distinctive smell that seemed to be always around very old buildings.  Yes sir, for me a wonderful time to explore...not only in the head, but also in the heart...these Sunday mornings.


  1. You got away with 9 years??? WOW! I had to go three times a week for 18 years, when I moved out. Lucky! ;)

  2. Hey Darla...that was 9 yrs of perfect attendance...468 Sunday mornings in a row! Sunday night, and Wednesday night were included, but not always in a row...:-)