Thursday, February 10, 2011

Countenance of an Angel

The ground around my house has been covered in snow most of these winter months. Cold, ice, salt, poor roads, and housebound for many days, makes one look out the window and hope for the spring.

Outside my study is a well that was place some 176 years ago. I guess it has seen its share of Kentucky snow and ice. It is part of a cistern system that runs underground collecting the runoff from the snow and ice. Capturing this melting snow, it provided a source of water for the continuation of life around this place. Of course, it no longer operates as a source of water, for time has replaced it with pipes and faucets, and a water bill!

Over this well is placed a fountain. Central to this fountain is an angel statue which looks toward our house. On a sunny day, between the snow and ice, the sun reflected off our angel, and left hope for the spring. The picture to the right is the angel, and I thought it might help those who are still facing the snow and ice. The countenance of an angel...spring is on the way!

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