Thursday, February 24, 2011

Granny Ewen's Growing

A previous post titled "Granny Ewen's Childhood" shows a picture of the Morton family fairly early in their childhood. [18 January 2001] The picture to the right shows Granny's Morton family growing up! This picture has in Granny's hand writing on the back, "Made in year of 1911". Just imagine, a picture of the family 100 years ago!

Here stands left to right, Myrtle Morton (b.1901); my Granny, Stella Morton (b. 1899); "Mama" Morton [Mahala] (b.1871); Bruce Morton (b. 1907); Lemon Morton (b. 1896); and Mose Morton (b.1905). Let's see, that would be 10 years old (Myrtle); 12 years old (Granny); 41 years old (Mahala); 5 years old (Bruce); 15 years old (Lemon); and 7 years old (Mose). Life as it look for my Morton family 100 years ago.

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