Monday, February 28, 2011

Pictures are like that.

Granny Ewen's mom was Lura Mahala (Haly) Howel, born 29 July, 1871. She was the second wife of Cordillis Morton. The last post shows their children 1911. The picture to the right shows Granny Ewen's uncle on the Howel side of the family tree.

James Howel was born 11 December 1860. His wife's name is yet unknown. His father was Thomas Jefferson Howel, born 17 February 1840. His mother was Mary Ann Lamerson, born 1 April 1836. These dates are taken from the page of a family Bible which Granny Ewen had kept with her throughout her life. A picture of this page is shown at the post called "A small piece of history", 30 August, 2010. I still do not know if they had any children, these Howels? But, the picture kept by Granny shows their life. Pictures are like that.

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  1. I love these old photos. The subjects dress in their "good" clothes and bring their chairs out into the yard where the light is best and sit for the picture, hands in lap. I have two or three. Priceless.