Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Moment in Time

In my growing up days, "Snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails" were the words to describe boys. In my family, snakes, especially Blue Racers, seemed to play a roll among the females as well. [see posts : The Blue Racer", July 13, 2010 and "Ms Blue Racer and Family", Sept 28, 2010.]

"Sugar, spice, and everything nice", was used to describe the girls. Having left my X-chromosome in three daughters, I am not sure that sugar, spice, and everything nice were often the best words.

The picture to the right shows my middle daughter Lesley and me catching our first fish together. The one that didn't get away! Her face shows the moment in time that expresses her delight. How proud she is to have succeeded in hooking this monster. Nothing sugar, spice, and all that other stuff. In this case, worms, hooks, and fish! How proud I am of her. A moment in time that sugar, spice, and everything nice seemed not the right words.

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  1. We love that Lesley and are proud of her, too!!! :-)