Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Western Cowboy Tonight

Dressing up and pretending is often a part of life. One day a cowboy, the next day an Indian... is all possible. We learn about what it is to "make believe".

The picture is that of my great grandfather Cordilus. This picture has been in our family's stack for years, but I did not figure out who it was until recently. On the back there is very faint writing, hard to read. It seems to say: "Well Zana Western CowBoy tonight how do I look, Cord." Zana Bell Morton (1887-1977) was the baby sister of Cordilus (Cord) Morton (1873-1948). He dressed up as a cowboy this picture, thinking to give it to his baby sister. Some signs read: "Snake Medicine", "His Girl", and "You D. Fool". A gun and holster are in place. Hands on hips. A sheepish grin. Where's the cows? For that matter, where's my horse. He looks about 18-20 years old which makes the picture taking about 1890s. [Probably just before his marriage in 1892?] Pretending, dressing up...maybe it was his last fling before adult life was to catch up with him.

Well Cordilus, as Roy Rogers would say, "Happy trails to you".

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