Saturday, June 11, 2011

Off With His Head

On Tuesday, 30 January 1649, Charles I took his last breaths. His head was separated from his body around 2 p.m., and those who had supported his cause scattered. Some royalist, as they were called, retired to the continent of Europe. Some came to Virginia. Richard Jones (JS-165) , the father of Cadwallader Jones (JT-143), came to Virginia.

On page 190, Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. I, is recorded 13 March 1649:

"Thomas Dale, son of Nicholas Dale, dec'd, 800 acs. on S. side of Rappa. Riv., some 8 mi. up lyeing E.N.E. upon sd. river from the mouth of Wadeing Cr. to mouth of Marsh Cr. 13 Mar. 1649, p. 211. Trans. of 16 pers: ...Richd. Jones,....". [along with 15 others].

Richard Jones (JS-165) has a story all his own. He is titled "of Eastcheap" in a few documents, thus identified with that part of London busy with markets [Especially the butcher's market.] By 20 March 1653, he had died, leaving his land to his wife Francis Jones (JS-166). This land was identified as "abutting" Col. Richard Lee upon the north side of York River in Glocester Co. On page 241, Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. I, it states:

"Col. Richard Lee, 300 acs. Glocester Co., 20 Mar. 1653, p. 27. Upon the N. side of York Riv. abutting upon land of Richard Jones dec'd, now in possession of Francis Jones, relict of sd. Richard Jones, & E.S.E. upon land of Robert Todd."

It would take a number of years to sort through all this genealogy. The ping-pong balls were flying. [see post: "Ping-Pong Genealogy", Friday, December 17, 2010.]

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