Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Alive It's Alive

Since starting this blog, I have had a number of immediate family members contact me and comment. We shared the memories and some laughter. I have encouraged each to comment on the blog site, but so far no takers. Come on you all.

My heart was encouraged by a recent trip my wife, parents, and I made to visit our three daughters in Nashville, TN. It was my youngest daughter's 30th birthday and we had gathered to celebrate this rite of passage. My mom and my oldest grandson were sharing stories. It was not long before the "Blue Racer" story emerged. Before my mom was able to finish her version, my 4 year old grandson completed the story. Our oldest daughter had been reading the blogs to my grandson. Our family stories live on I thought. What joy. [see Blog Archive "The Blue Racer"]

The above photo is grandpa and my grandson Sam having a meeting of the mind.

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