Monday, August 30, 2010

A small piece of history

In the papers of Granny Ewen there was folded a small piece of history. It appears to be a page from her Howell's family Bible. (Her mother's maiden name.) On one side the page was labeled "Births". On the back side, the page was labeled "Marriages". The first name listed was Thomas J. Howel, February the 17th, 1840. The second name listed was Mary Ann Lamerson, April the 1st 1836. Wow I thought...1836...that was 174 years ago. The first marriage listed was Thomas J. Howel and Mary Ann Lamerson, February the 23th 1860. They were married just at the start of the Civil War, and were the grandparents of Granny Ewen through her maternal side. It was written in their very own hand writing, beautifully done. Another family treasure is shown.

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