Monday, August 16, 2010

Super Heroes

Black and White T.V. introduced me to my first super heroes. Mighty Mouse on Saturday mornings..."Here I come to save the day"..., and Superman weekly..."able to leap tall building in a single bound". George Reeves played Superman and I was his side kick. Using a towel pinned around my neck to fly, I would imagine all kinds of adventures. Here a bad guy, there a bad guy. I was fighting for truth and the American way. Occasionally jumping from my bunk bed, I would fly, even if for a brief moment.

News came that Superman was going to be at our state fair the summer of 1959. Man what excitement this produced in my bunk bed jumping. Noting my jubilation, mom and dad agreed to take me to the fair. That summer, the fair was going to be in Louisville, Kentucky some two hours by car from our home. I was going to see Superman in person. Each day I would sharpen my Superman skills, fighting robbers, crooks, thieves, and many more bad guys. I was getting ready to see Superman live.

On June 16, 1959, word came via Black and White T.V., that Superman had committed suicide. What, Superman can't die. No...this didn't happen...I am going to see Superman at the state fair. Let's go...let's go.

We did attend the state fair in 1959. Pat Boone replaced Superman, but it was not the same to me. Super Heroes don't die...or do they?

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