Wednesday, October 6, 2010

20 Years Later

W.C. was the only name that Mam maw knew. He lived at the mouth of Red River. He played the fiddle, and loved to play cards. That was about it. All I was told at nine years of age while being sworn to secrecy. Little did I know that it would take some 20 years to find the grave of William Carter Jones, the father of E.T.(Edward Turner). There is of course a lot of story to 20 years of hunting, but just to show his picture with his wife, Elizabeth Isabella Adams is enough for now. He was born 20 Oct 1826 in Clark Co., Kentucky. Eliza was born 18 July 1829. They were married 21 Feb 1850 at Eliza's father's house, William Adams, in Winchester, KY. They were married by Rev. Andy Keith with witnesses being Nancy Jane Watts and Mason Haggard. They had eleven children with the oldest being born ten months later 6 Dec 1850. (No time wasted here.) E.T. was the baby being born some 23 years after his oldest sister. W.C. died 4 Feb 1902 and is buried in our family cemetery Madison Co., KY. Eliza died some years later 26 Feb 1919. She had a home on the corner of Broadway and Buckner Streets that I would pass each day walking to Hickman Street School. There was an iron fence surrounding this house that I would often run my hand down as I walked past. All those years of walking by, I never knew this was great, great, grandmaw's house at the end of her life. I never got it all figured out until some 20 years later. I would have at least waved at her if I had known.

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