Wednesday, October 13, 2010

4 Mile Creek

William Carter Jones was the second of ten children. [Those Scottish women sure to how to have youngins!] The parents of W.C. were Thomas Jones (b. 1796) and Sallie (nee Chisholm) b. 1804. Thomas Jones was born in Spotysylvania County, VA where his father Nicholas Jones had moved after the close of the Revolutionary War. It was on 4 Mile Creek that Thomas had settled with his father and brothers. Here he married Sallie Chisholm 20 Dec 1823, and W.C. was born three years later.

It was on 4 Mile Creek that Timothy Ewen had his first land of 50 acres in 1795. Timothy Ewen was my great (x5)grandfather, and Timothy Jones was my great (x4) grandfather. Nicholas Jones who came to Kentucky in 1811 was the first Jones to have land on 4 Mile Creek and was my great (x5) grandfather on the Jones side. So I guess you could say my family started things on 4 Mile Creek! I grew up riding my "Western Flyer" past this land and playing in this creek, but I did not know that this was where it had all began some 200 years before my childhood days were done.

The drawing to the right shows 4 Mile Creek in relation to Red River and Kentucky River. It is colored green and runs northeast into Clark County. It was named 4 Mile Creek because it was four miles from Boonesborough where another grandfather had made his claim in 1774, Col. Richard Henderson my great (x6) grandfather. 4 Mile Creek was the beginning point.

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