Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Mouth of Red River

Finding our Jones Family Cemetery where Mam maw had told me many years before was completing a quest. At the mouth of Red River, she said. The picture to the right is my attempt to show the junction of the Red River to the Kentucky. It is drawn to scale with north being directly to the top of the page. Red River is of course colored red! It runs almost due east into the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. Up this river went my Ewen side, to settle along what is today called Ewen Creek. The Kentucky River is colored blue, and you can tell the snake like twists and turns that meander out of the mountains to the east. The distinctive "bend" just at the mouth of Red River is where the Jones family cemetery is located. This is called Maupin Bend on Kentucky maps of today, but it was Jones land at the start. The drawing also shows the relationship of the three counties that make the junction of Red River to the Kentucky River. North is Clark County. Southeast is Estill County. Southwest is Madison County. All three counties played a role in uniting many of my family members...Jones (Clark County, Madison County), Henderson (Madison County, Estill County), Ewen (Clark County, now Powell County), and Monroe (Clark County). All where around the mouth of Red River.

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